Our Approach to Sustainability

Concast are committed to sustainability and to reducing our carbon footprint. We are focused on; minimising waste; efficient energy management; recycling; and making the best use of materials. The following outlines some of the steps being taken to improve our environmental footprint.

ISO 14001

We have implemented an ISO 14001 environmental management system which provides a framework to action efficient use of resources and reduce waste within our operations. Improvement targets are set and monitored on a quarterly basis.


We have developed a series of bespoke Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) which clearly show our clients the environmental performance of our Precast elements over their lifetime.


Concast implements an Environmental Monitoring Programme which closely tracks activities in our production facilities, allowing us to analyse our procedures and take action to minimise our environmental impact.


We work with clients to value engineer our bespoke products and solutions. For example, where possible the use of prestressing is explored as slimmer lighter individual elements can minimise raw material and transport emissions.

Suppliers and Procurement

We work closely with our suppliers to encourage and discuss ways of reducing their environmental impact. We operate a careful buying policy, giving preference to materials from local and sustainable sources.


We use GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag) in our concrete mixes to improve our manufacturing carbon footprint. GGBS is a recycled material (a by-product from blast-furnaces used to make iron) used as a high performance alternative to traditional cement.


During our production process we segregate and recycle waste materials. We maximise our water recycling / re-use. Rainwater is captured at locations within our production facilities to supplement our water usage.

End of Life

Precast concrete elements are fully recyclable at their end of life. Concrete is generally broken into pieces and recycled, most commonly as aggregate or hardcore, where it goes on to have a second useful life.

Natural Habitats

Concast have made a significant investment in planting hedgerows and trees on the boundaries of our production facilities in order to reduce our impact on our surrounding environment while allowing flora and fauna to flourish.